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Versatile PVC Wall Panels: Enhancing Every Room

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Enhancing every room

Internal PVC wall panels offer a versatile solution for various rooms within your home, serving as a stunning alternative to conventional tiles. These lightweight bathroom wall panels not only exude beauty but also boast waterproof properties and minimal maintenance requirements. A simple wipe with a soft sponge or cloth, followed by a gentle rinse with water, is all it takes to keep them immaculate. Furthermore, their fluted construction aids in reducing condensation, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment by eliminating the need for grout, which often becomes a magnet for mould.

Perfect for bathrooms, en suites and more...

The ingenious design of PVC internal wall panels makes them perfect for bathrooms, en suites, and downstairs toilets. Their applicability extends beyond these spaces, as they can also grace utility rooms and kitchens, such as serving as an elegant sink splashback.

Easy upkeep & installation

In addition to their easy upkeep, PVC bathroom wall panels boast a straightforward installation process that is significantly faster than that of traditional tiles. The panels can be fitted directly onto clean, unprepared walls, applied over rough plaster work with appropriate battening, or even placed on top of existing tiles. No specialized tools or skills are required, making the installation hassle-free. Whether you choose to adorn your bathroom, en suite, or any other room with PVC internal panels, rest assured that you will achieve a luxurious finish designed for longevity, demanding minimal maintenance. This grants you ample time to relish in the pleasures of your home, rather than being burdened with constant upkeep.

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Unique and inspiring, Zest Wall Panels offer a wide variety of designs, colours and sizes for any room in your home or project.