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Wall Panel Colours

Colour creates, enhances, changes, and reveals.

If you love calming neutrals or lively vibrant shades, we have something that will fit your mood.

The trend for grey is going nowhere, this versatile modern neutral can range from moody and dramatic to tranquil and calm.
Pure and serene, white never dates and complements any colour scheme. Whether in a tile effect or with a hint of a marbled vein running through, it looks clean, fresh and timeless.
The calm, neutral, soothing effect that beige tones radiate cannot be beaten. Achieve a spa-like, zen environment in which to relax.
Striking and dramatic black is bold and glamorous in any setting. Make a statement in your home with our glossy iridescent panels.
Wall panel designs: Sparkle effect wall panels

Green is a associated with nature, growth, and renewal, with feelings of tranquillity and freshness. Its various shades can range from vibrant and energetic to soothing and calming.

Blue is calming and serene. Often associated with the sky and the sea, which can evoke feelings of peace and a sense of spaciousness.

Image of a bathroom that has been covered by our Roccia Tile ZX wall panel

Wood and Brown are warm and earthy. Comforting, and natural. Its rich and timeless appeal makes it a popular choice in for interiors.

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Individual and exciting, Zest Wall Panels offer a wide variety of designs, colours, textures and sizes for any room in your home or project.