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Bathroom Wall Panels Vs Traditional Tiles

Wall Panels vs Traditional Tiles

Redesigning your bathroom or en-suite can be a daunting and costly task. However, Zest has a solution that allows you to achieve that desired “designer” look with minimal effort and at a fraction of the time and expense.

Wall panel designs - Rustic wall panels

What are the Alternatives to Bathroom Wall Tiles? 

Opting for our PVC wall panels and shower panels provides a beautiful alternative to traditional tiles. These panels enable you to recreate a high-end, luxurious finish without the associated costs. They come in a wide range of designs and colours, whether you prefer the timeless elegance of marble, the neutral appeal of stone, or the warmth of natural wood. Whatever your style or home decor, you’re sure to find a look that suits your taste.

Moreover, the benefits of Zest PVC wall panels extend beyond their aesthetic appeal.

The Advantages of Zests PVC Wall Panels

Our PVC wall panels offer significant advantages over traditional tiles. Installation is a breeze, taking only hours where tile installs can take days. What’s more, you don’t need to hire a professional tiler, as these panels can be easily fitted. Our Zest panels can be applied directly to clean unprepared walls, plasterwork, or even on top of existing tiles. No specialist tools are necessary. The result is a luxurious and polished finish that not only enhances the beauty of your bathroom but also ensures practicality and easy maintenance.

These durable wall and shower panels are not only waterproof but also low maintenance. A quick wipe with a soft cloth or sponge, followed by a rinse with water, is all that’s needed to keep them clean.

So, whether you reside in a 1960s semi-detached house, a charming country cottage, or a traditional terrace, there’s a style of PVC bathroom wall panel that perfectly complements your space.

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Unique and inspiring, Zest Wall Panels offer a wide variety of designs, colours and sizes for any room in your home or project.