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Panels fitted to damp or damaged walls​

Panels fitted to Damp or Damaged Walls

Step 1

Secure a breather membrane to the walls.u00a0

Step 2

Fit wooden battens (38mm x 19mm) horizontally to the wall at 400mm centres using countersunk screws and wall plugs.

Step 3

Secure the trims to the battens at 400mm centres (max) with 4mm countersunk screws or 12mm staples.u00a0

Step 4

Select the first panel and cut to length. Remember, if the last panel in the run is on a feature corner, you could remove more of the first board to finish with a complete board.

Step 5

Secure each board with countersunk screws or 12mm staples.u00a0

Step 6

Mitre the front face of ceiling trims where necessary.

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