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How to look after wall panels

How to look after wall panels

It could not be simpler to keep your Zest wall panels looking like new. They have been specifically designed to be installed without the use of grout, reducing any associated discolouration and avoiding the danger of harbouring any bacteria.

To clean your Zest wall panels you simply need a clean cloth and warm water. You can also use your regular, non-abrasive home cleaning product. All these combined will leave you with a beautifully clean wall without the need for scrubbing.

We do not recommend the use of bleach on your Zest wall panels as it may damage the finish of the panel. By choosing a cleaning product without bleach, you will be making sure your wall panels are gleaming without the risk of causing permanent damage.

The frequency with which to clean you Zest wall panels is a personal preference. However, wiping down your wall panels regularly can help remove condensation which could lead to the build-up of limescale or mould. You can then supplement this with a deep clean once a week.

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