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Installation notes – Walls

On corners either use the internal or external corner trim. Do not mount load bearing accessories, e.g. grab handles, directly on to panels. When mounting accessories on the wall, take up the depth of the panels with metal or wood spacers and seal with silicone.

In a shower area it is essential to apply a 3-5mm silicone bead to the rebate on the rear face of the panel to ensure complete protection against moisture.

Run a silicone bead around the edge of a bath or shower tray. Fit ends of panels down onto bead to seal. Do not apply adhesive tape of any description (including masking tape) to the board surface.


Check all boards are from the same batch to ensure uniform colour within a room. nStore flat and do not expose to direct sunlight/UV

When fitting traditional halogen ceiling lights or lights with a shroud, there should be a 10mm gap between the halogen bulb (max 35 watts) or shroud and the Zest wall panels. New u201cLow Energyu201d bulbs are also available to minimise the energy consumption of the unit.u00a0

NOTE: Experience has shown that u201cFire Ratedu201d (enclosed) downlighters should NOT be used with Zest wall panels. If panels are fitted to a false ceiling or forms a false ceiling itself, there must be a large enough gap above the panels to allow the heat to disperse (minimum 4u201d /100mm). If this is not done the heat could distort the panels.

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Unique and inspiring, Zest Wall Panels offer a wide variety of designs, colours and sizes for any room in your home or project.