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Our panels can be used in any room of the home. Perfect for bathrooms, feature walls, hallways, utility rooms, kitchens and playrooms to name a few.

In the commercial environment our panels are now widely used in restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, offices and salons etc.

*If installed in the kitchen we recommend a heat resistant glass splash panel for behind the hob.

Find out more with our fitting guideu2026

All of our panels are 100% waterproof and can be used in bathrooms. When fitting in shower/wet areas we recommend using a thin bead of silicone applied to the joint of the panel.

Yes. As long as the tiles are secure you can fix directly over tiles using silicone.
First measure the width of the walls youu2019d like to cover. Then divide this by the width of the panel. For example if the width of the wall is 3m and youu2019re using the 375mm wide panels you would need 8 panels.
This can vary depending on your wall surface. A general guide would be one tube for every two 375mm wide panels used.

The panels are installed on your walls or ceiling using a solvent free adhesive or silicone and small self-tapping screws or staples.

Cut the panel to size and cover the back of the panel with adhesive/silicone in a zig zag style (not dot and dab). Press the panel firmly into place on the wall.

Secure using self-tapping screws (or staples) along the tongue section of the panel. The next panel will then interlock covering the screws/staples.
Cover the back of the next panel in adhesive/silicone and slot in the tongue and groove and repeat until the wall is finished.

If being used in a wet/shower area we recommend using a thin bead of silicone applied to the joint of the panel.

The panels are easily cut using a fine toothed saw or jigsaw. A Stanley knife can also be used for trimming. Hole cutters can be used for any pipes or downlights.
Yes. Everything from toothbrush holders to shower screens and basins. When installing larger items to the wall and panels you will need to ensure there is enough support from the wall and the correct fixings are used.
Yes downlights can be used with the panels. Any lights must be fitted using low voltage transformers, low wattage bulbs or LED’s.
The panels can be easily wiped down with a cloth using warm soapy water. Abrasives or bleaches should not be used on the panels.
All of our panels are Class 1 fire rated.
All of our panels are for internal use only.

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Unique and inspiring, Zest Wall Panels offer a wide variety of designs, colours and sizes for any room in your home or project.